I am doing the Commuter Challenge!

Our aim is to save 5,000 kg of CO2 across the Tees Valley. This is roughly 3,500 miles by car.
Thank you for helping us towards our target!

Our progress so far:

Five days to change your commute

The Commuter Challenge is simple. Instead of driving to and from work, we've asked you to try one or more different ways to travel. You will reduce the number of cars on our roads and cut carbon emissions.

Did you know:

  • 85% of all cars commuting to and from work have only one person in them
  • 41% of journeys are under 2 miles
  • 81% of these are by car!

Thanks for helping us reduce these figures.

Change the way you travel:

For one week we challenged you to try:

  • Walking
  • Cycling
  • Using public transport or
  • Car sharing

to and from work to win prizes, get healthier and save money.

If you want to take part but your business is not registered please contact Alex Kay in the Local Motion team



Remember, the more days you log, the more chances you have to WIN!

How I travelled to work this week* How I got home from work this week
Walk icon Cycle icon Bus icon Train icon Car Share Icon Drive icon Walk icon Cycle icon Bus icon Train icon Car Share icon Drive icon
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5

*Just skip any days that you were not at work.



Take part in the Commuter Challenge to WIN

Join us and then log your commute below:

Even changing for one day during the challenge week will count!

Let us know how you get on during the week by tweeting us @dolocalmotion using #CommuterChallenge or posting to our Facebook page.