A new home could mean a new way of travelling for Stockton residents

A new home could mean a new way of travelling for Stockton residents

Residents in Stockton will be offered free advice to help make their journey to work or training simpler and cheaper.

22 August 2017

The Local Motion Travel Advisors will visit homes in Eaglescliffe throughout August, September and October with useful information on bus services and rail travel plus walking and cycling maps.

This is great news whether you are in work, looking for a new job, starting college or finding your way around a new neighbourhood, because the more travel options you know about, the more flexibility you have when choosing where to work or study or where to shop. And there is strong evidence that people are much more likely to change the way they travel at the time of major life events like moving home or changing jobs.

For example not having your own car may be enough to put you off going for an interview for your dream job just because you think it’s too far to travel, when in fact there may be a bus stop just a 5 minute walk from your house which is on the same route as your dream job.

Plus Stockton has lots of well-maintained cycle routes, and as the weather is good there couldn’t be a better time to think about using your bike. Residents of Stockton can take advantage of The Hub run by national cycling charity Sustrans, which provides advice and information about cycling and walking in the borough. They offer free cycle storage, organise a number of guided bike rides, provide free maintenance training, sell refurbished bikes and give out cycling routes and maps for the Stockton area. Call them on 01642 803441 or email stocktonactivetravel@sustrans.org.uk 

The Travel Advisors will also make regular visits to Thornaby, Stockton and Billingham Jobcentres for drop-in sessions and will be running a Commuter Challenge with workplaces within Stockton.

Travel Advisor offering advice within a hospital Example of the Local Motion uniform

The Local Motion Travel Advisors worked in Stockton between October - December 2016 and in that time over 2,300 residents in Ingelby Barwick received tailored travel advice to help with all types of journey planning. In addition over 250 jobseekers received travel planning advice to get to work and training. The good work of the Travel Advisors has also been carried on by Job Centre staff, who were trained in helping to overcome any issues their jobseekers faced in relation to travelling to work or training.

This Personalised Travel Planning (PTP) programme has been running in the Tees Valley since 2015 and residents contacted during 2015 were revisited in 2016. The results of the revisits show that 39% of residents who showed ‘some potential to change’ their method of travel actually went on to change their travel behaviour a year later. And bus journeys, walking and car sharing have all increased within this group.

Due to the success of the project to date, the Tees Valley sustainable transport programme has received funding to continue the PTP service across the region for a further three years through the Access Fund which is funded by the Department for Transport and supported by the Tees Valley Combined Authority.

Along with PTP, the programme includes working with schools and providing more opportunities to walk and cycle. Sustainable travel is seen as a vital component of the wider issues of tackling traffic congestion, air quality and public health throughout the UK.

To keep up to date with where the travel advisors are or to find out more about the Commuter Challenge, follow Local Motion on Facebook, or call 01325 40 50 40.

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