North Tees Hospital staff step up to the challenge

North Tees Hospital staff step up to the challenge

A walking challenge at North Tees Hospital has seen staff put their best foot forward in a bid to be more active in their everyday lives, at work and at home.

(8th February 2017) A total 17 teams, which involved 72 staff, took part in the walking challenge, run by Connect Tees Valley and Local Motion’s personalised travel planning programme and aims to reduce the number of cars on the road and introduce more physical activity into people’s everyday lives. The challenge ran between October and December last year.

The challenge has made a difference to staff members’ levels of activity and has meant that participants made a concerted effort to squeeze more steps into their daily routines. Each member was given a pedometer to keep track of their activity.

The winning team, the Surgical WCs, clocked up an impressive 1,172,577 steps between four members over their four week period. By the end of the challenge, their collective weekly step count had increased by over 140,000 steps.

The team decided to take part in the challenge as a way to quantify the amount of walking they usually did during their 12 and half hour shifts at the hospital.

“I got a bit obsessed during the challenge, had to keep checking the pedometer! I definitely walked more during the challenge, especially at home too”, said team member Linda Martin.

In close second place came the Pharmacy Steppers who, by the final week, were averaging 13,362 steps per member per day, over 3,000 more than the recommended 10,000 steps per day. Team members said they would speak to people in person rather than phoning, and using the stairs where they could, as ways to increase their step counts.

The Local Motion travel advisors have been visiting hospitals, work places, job centres and homes throughout the Tees Valley, offering journey information to residents and workers. They are currently working in the Darlington area and there is now a similar step challenge running at Darlington Memorial Hospital, where a total of 77 teams have already signed up.

Due to the success of the project to date, the Tees Valley sustainable transport programme has received funding to continue the travel advice service across the region for a further three years. The programme also includes improvements to bus services, rail station access and providing more opportunities to walk and cycle. Sustainable travel is seen as a vital component of the wider issues of tackling traffic congestion, air quality and public health throughout the UK.

To keep up to date with where the travel advisors are follow Local Motion on Facebook or call 01325 40 50 40.

The Personalised Travel Planning project (PTP) is part of a wider PTP project covering the five Tees Valley local authorities. PTP makes up a large part of the work of the Tees Valley’s Sustainable Transport Transition Year Fund Bid which is funded by the Department for Transport. 

Image - Winning team members from left to right, Lisa Pearey, Linda Martin, Allison Morrison and Louise Armstrong, with Peter Chesworth (Local Motion travel advisor).

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